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About Seed Healthcare Services Ltd

What Do We Do?

We provide recruitment solutions for temporary staffing within the health and care sector. The shortage of staff within the health and care sector is widely documented. We have found this to be a niche in the market and have utilised our experience in launching a business that is successfully assisting businesses in health and care sector of all sizes and fulfilled their short-term staffing requirements.

Seed Healthcare understand the challenges of managing staff shortages, and thus provide temporary staffing solutions to support healthcare organisations during critical periods. Committed to empowering people and organisations alike with exceptional healthcare services and staffing solutions that lead to brighter, healthier futures.

Our Clients

Seed Healthcare’s target audience at present encompasses a range of health and care sector businesses facing shortage of staff and requiring short term solutions to fulfil their staffing requirements


We deal directly with healthcare providers offering them temporary staff as and when needed to help fulfil healthcare solutions that address various health challenges and enhance the outcomes


We have registered SEED with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) with a view to expand our services to provide primary health care services within domiciliary care sector.


We engage with individuals and assist them with their health care needs through a personalised health care and support plan that is compiled for each person

Our Core Values

Our company is an ecosystem with a group of people within different sections of the business that work towards a common goal. It is important for the company to identify and promote its core values. These core values drive critical actions and behaviours within the organisation. The company’s core values will be visible in every aspect of the organisation and its culture.

Open Communication

Collaborative Teamwork

Growth Opportunity

Excellent Innovations

SEED Healthcare have easily identifyable core values that underpin what we do:

Our Solutions

Diversified Home Care Services

To capitalise on the expanding presence in the healthcare sector and cater to the aging population, SEED Healthcare can diversify its home care services to address a wide range of needs. By offering specialised care plans for seniors, individuals with chronic conditions, and those requiring post-hospitalisation support, the business can create tailored solutions that cater to diverse client requirements.

Personalised Care Plans

Emphasising the rise of home care services, Seed Healthcare can differentiate itself by providing personalised and patient-centred care plans. By conducting thorough assessments and involving
clients and their families in the care planning process, the business can deliver care that aligns with individual preferences and fosters a sense of autonomy.                                                                                          

Recruitment and Staff Development

To address staff shortages and build a strong workforce, SEED Healthcare can invest in comprehensive recruitment strategies and prioritise staff development. By attracting qualified healthcare professionals through competitive compensation packages and growth opportunities, the business can ensure a skilled and motivated team to meet growing demands.                                                                                                                                   

Quality Training Programs

Recognising the importance of continuous training and education, Seed Healthcare can further establish robust training programs for its staff. Already having partnered with reputable organisations like the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD), Seed Healthcare can ensure that its trainers deliver exceptional training, further enhancing the expertise and skills of the workforce.

Innovative Technology Integration

To stay at the forefront of the healthcare industry, Seed Healthcare can leverage innovative technologies. By incorporating telehealth solutions, remote monitoring tools, and digital health platforms, the business can enhance the efficiency of its services, expand reach, and improve client outcomes.

Strategic Partnerships

To maximise growth and impact, Seed Healthcare can establish strategic partnerships with other healthcare providers and community organisations. By collaborating with hospitals, clinics, and specialised care facilities, the business can create referral networks, expanding its client base and diversifying service offerings.


Seed Healthcare Services Ltd offers a caring, structured service

SEED HEALTHCARE SERVICES LTD offers a unique and holistic approach to accommodation provision for vulnerable young people, as not only do we provide stable and safe accommodation, the company is run and managed by a qualified carer and property management professionals who understand the pressures, demands and timescales placed upon local authorities.

This therefore allows for joint working with Local Authorities and the aim of SEED HEALTH SERVICES LTD is to work together with identified professionals to assist in the assessment, planning, intervention and monitoring of the most challenging and vulnerable Service Users who are assessed to be at risk of significant harm.

At SEED HEALTHCARE SERVICES LTD, the Service Users we work with are always at the forefront of our mind, which allows us to be an outcome focused family run organisation that responds effectively to the needs of our clients whilst delivering all our services to the highest of standards.

To develop person centred pathway support packages for the Service Users in the service.

To promote safety for the young person by ensuring that each young person has a holistic assessment, that is regularly reviewed.

To enable the Service Users to meet their health and emotional needs

To promote and maintain positive relationships that benefit the Service Users and enable

them to develop their identity, self respect and caring for their own well-being.

To enable Service Users to be empowered to make choices and decisions in all areas of

their lives.

To ensure Care Leavers are prepared for independent living, have their wishes and feelings considered and that they are listened to and their feedback informs the service’s continuous improvement.

Our Placements

Short-Term Placement

Up to Three months Emergency / Unplanned: For Service Users experiencing family breakdown, foster care breakdown or remand to Local Authority care by courts.

Medium-Term Placement

Three months to one year Planned Placement which extends beyond three months: The engagement and focus of this placement is to provide the young person with a supportive learning environment whereby they can meet the outcomes identified as part of their care and pathway plan.

Term Placements

One year plus Planned placements beyond one year- additional services offered to Service Users who have been accommodated for over one year and require longer term placements and transitional support services into independent living.